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In times of cyberpirates, crypto currencies must be protected

When crime wants to get its act together, there's no stopping it. It gets around the obstacles, even when it is a question of keeping the regular money or the booming crypto-currencies very well guarded.
They are becoming more and more agile, so those who have some savings in bitcoin, for example, should follow some recommendations in order to avoid being robbed of this virtual money, which in recent years, has gained momentum.
There are many options, you just have to know how to choose the one that best suits you. In terms of security, keeping bitcoins in Exchange, for example, is the most ideal when someone is working hard at crypttrading. It is suggested that Exchange be decentralized for greater security effectiveness.

There is also the great addition that when cryptcoins are kept on Exchange, many provide users with compensation in case they are targeted by cyberpiracy, so as already mentioned, opting for this recommendation is a good idea.

Cold wallets work well

Among other methods that bitcoin specialists recommend, is to have storage systems, among them, Ledger Nano and Trezor, which are the best known due to the high efficiency. Because privacy is super guaranteed, the problem may arise because it is not unbreakable. That is, it can also be targeted by cyberpirates.
Experts also talk about the cold storage system, which is also known as paper wallets, which are perfect in case you want to save bitcoins and therefore, they are not given so much movement. In this way, they remain safe and secure.
Customers have the possibility to create several copies that at the same time are encrypted with codes that only the people performing the process can know. The negative aspect of this modality is that this information can be lost, stolen or broken, because the virtual money would be printed on paper. The only way for a criminal to take this money is if the robbery is inside the same house or where the papers are kept.

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For e-money, e-wallets

Those who handle and have worked with cryptomoney should know that it is important to learn how to make virtual wallets, which are easy to prepare, even if it seems the opposite. You only need to access applications available for various types of devices and operating systems. Perhaps one of the main drawbacks of this option is that it can take up to months without updating the app.
By not renewing the versions of the wallets, there is a great risk that the person will say goodbye forever to their bitcoins. Nobody wants that, right?
Despite this, it is very easy to install one of these wallets, which work with keys of up to 12 digits with which you have access to digital money. You don't have to pay for this service and you can create several wallets with just one user. The crypto-money will be quite safe.

Prevention is the key

Cybersquatters can manage any number of ways to get into systems and steal crypto currencies, that's a fact. However, it is also a fact that many times people by mistake, carelessness or trust, "drop" their keys, which is the right time for criminals to get hold of something valuable.
Therefore, it is not necessary to ask the clients of this type of systems to jealously reserve their data, not to share them with anybody and to be measured when writing down the digits or saying them anywhere.
Because, the specialists assure that the computer science pirates, will not choose to steal to any person with a few bitcoins in their wallets. They opt for those who know they have large sums of money, but that does not mean that they will not take advantage of stealing from anyone who makes it easy for them.
Generally, bitcoin offers large numbers that would have the functions of an account number. This information is public, but the password chosen to enter this wallet is private, only the owner of the wallet knows it.
On the other hand, there are also several tools that are often used by computer criminals to enter the virtual money, such as, for example, programs to violate are pentester, aircrack.

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Always work with reliable pages

Surfing the Internet has always been a risky job because there are many ways to extort and steal from people after entering web portals, which even though they may seem safe, they are not.
The most advisable thing is to visit and use sites that are indeed original and safe, because through malwares, computers can be intervened in such a way that criminals penetrate and steal whatever is there, including keys or private information.
There are extensions to the Chrome browser that often make copies of the keys to access portals, which are recorded. This is a way of violating the privacy of customers.
How is there greater control and can cyberpirates be stopped? By installing good anti-virus software on the computer. This should be complemented by some easy-to-apply tips, such as updating all the applications and tools on the device.
It is also necessary to have several wallets and comply with the recommendations on digital security.
One of the most common (and silly) mistakes that bitcoin clients make, is to leave their passwords public. Unfortunately, if someone else enters to handle that money, it's all over, because there is no entity to which the affected person can make a claim about et theft. It is almost unlikely that this money will be returned.


So, to finish, we have to take into account the basic suggestions: protect the keys, have antivirus on the computers, update the tools and applications, surf web pages that are really safe and not share private information with anyone.
The crypto currencies are worth it.

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